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Let’s make healthcare work for you.

Rightway uses care navigation and pharmacy benefits to harmonize healthcare around every member. We combine human expertise and unique data insights to attack the largest categories of healthcare spend: hospital care, physician and clinical services, and prescription drugs.

Care navigation

A new standard for care navigation combines top-notch technology with live clinical guidance to get members to high-quality care at the best price, making them healthier and happier.

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Pharmacy benefits

A realigned PBM unlocks trapped margin and delivers it back to plan sponsors and members. Navigation insights optimize member options, improving adherence while lowering costs.

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Discover the Rightway difference.

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Human first. Human always.

No one likes talking to a bot. Your team deserves real guidance. Our members always work one-on-one with human experts.

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Advanced tech, simple delivery.

Healthcare is complicated enough. Our technology gets members to the help they need in the fewest clicks.

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Aligned incentives, better results.

We’re built to win when you win. Our mission is simple: improve outcomes, lower costs, pass on the savings.

A better direction for care navigation.

Improving health outcomes by making it easy to get high-quality care at the lowest cost.

Rightway is deep clinical navigation delivered by human experts using breakthrough mobile technology. (But we’re available by phone, too.)

Clinical navigation creates change.

Rightway's smarter model uses intelligent routing to insert clinicians when they’ll be most effective to the member.

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Modern technology simplifies care.

The easy-to-use app enables high-touch care navigation, plus access to all services and points solutions in the benefits ecosystem.

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Data drives tailored recommendations.

A unique dataset informs every interaction between a health guide and a member.

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Proactive outreach maximizes impact.

Powerful analytics identify high-risk members. Clinicians perform targeted outreach to close care gaps.

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Rightway improves the health of your team—

through a tailored ecosystem powered by live expert clinicians who support members in real time.

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Meet the future of pharmacy benefit management.

Rightway’s aligned PBM makes prescription drugs more affordable.

Experience a superior model for a PBM – one that guides members towards the right medication with the highest value and delivers all savings and rebates back to plan sponsors.

Clinical delivery improves outcomes.

Rightway pharmacists support members throughout the process, advising them and tackling tasks on their behalf.

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Aligned incentives optimize value.

Pharmacy guides actively drive members towards drugs with the highest value according to a proprietary clinical care model.

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Better technology drives better results.

An intuitive front-end connects members with their care team. Powerful, modern, back-end technology delivers flexibility in plan design.

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More power in the hands of patients.

An open, dynamic marketplace connects payors, patients, and the supply chain in an open-source model.

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The best companies know:

Employees are more productive when their healthcare needs are being met.

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Hear what our members are saying.

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"A doctor in my pocket."

"Rightway is the most convenient app to use when you are in need of healthcare assistance. They helped me find a great dentist and of course, they make sure it is in network with my insurance plan."

"A doctor in my pocket."

"The health industry is a beast and ridiculously challenging to navigate. Full of scheduling, calling, voicemails, dealing with pharmacists, insurance, and doctors offices."

"A doctor in my pocket."

"This app is very easy to use and their service is excellent! They helped me find a good doctor, booked an appointment, and helped me to understand my bills!"

See how Rightway can transform healthcare for your team.

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