Rightway pharmacy benefits.

See below for the frequently used tools, resources, and contact information to better understand your Rightway pharmacy benefits.

General information.

Have questions?

You can contact member services by phone, email, or in the Rightway app. Here are the ways you can get in touch:


Check your ID card for your
phone number.


Email us at
Blue Email SVG Icon  rwrx@rightwayhealthcare.com.


Download the Rightway app and message us there. App QR Code

Important information.

Rightway helps you get the right medication at the lowest cost. As your pharmacy benefits provider, we pair you with a dedicated pharmacy guide who provides education and ongoing support for all your medication needs.


Did you pay full price for your medication at the pharmacy and need to get reimbursed via your pharmacy benefit? Please message us in the app and we will facilitate a direct member reimbursement. Initiate a chat and you can upload a photo of the pharmacy printout. This printout (usually attached to the prescription bag) contains information about the pharmacy and medication, including the cost of the medication.

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