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Man with glasses speaking on the phone while looking out an office window
Man with glasses speaking on the phone while looking out an office window

Getting good care should be easy.

We are a team of entrepreneurs, medical experts, and industry pioneers who are on a mission to simplify the healthcare experience.

Meet our team
Illustration of man on a phone call with a doctor

Empowered members make better healthcare decisions.

We combine best-in-class technology –– a modern, intuitive app that consumers love –– with expert, empathetic service and support to bring clarity and direction to all healthcare experiences.

Rightway delivers a new level of empowerment by guiding consumers through their healthcare journey to make the right choices along the way.

Illustration of a woman at a desk with a doctor

Our mission.

Rightway guides consumers to make better choices along their healthcare journeys. We surround members with a supportive ecosystem that provides education, navigation, and advocacy so they can get the best care at the lowest cost.

When members can get the right information, guidance, and support, they can finally get the right care at the right place at the right time–and from the right providers at the right price.

A win for members is a win for everybody–better experiences mean better outcomes and more savings for all involved.

Your doctor in the family: The Rightway story.

Our founders.

Jordan Feldman headshot

Jordan Feldman

Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Doctor Theodore Feldman headshot

Dr. Theodore Feldman

Co-Founder and Chief Medical Officer

Our leadership team.

Headshot of Paula Bush

Paula Bush

EVP of Advocacy Strategy and Delivery

Steven Chavez headshot

Steven Chavez

VP of Navigation Service Delivery

David Coe headshot

David Coe

VP of Data and Analytics

Headshot of Xavier Del Rosario

Xavier Del Rosario

VP of Finance and Business Operations

Headshot of Kristin Devlin

Kristin Devlin

SVP of Pharmacy Operations

Headshot of Ion Feldman

Ion Feldman

Chief Technology Officer

Ashley Hasle Headshot

Ashley Hasle

SVP of Growth

Picture of Kara Kubarych

Kara Kubarych

VP of Strategic Partnerships and CS

Headshot of Rita Lebedeva

Rita Lebedeva

VP of Product Marketing

Headshot of Sandy Lerman

Sandy Lerman

VP of Software Architecture

Headshot of Scott Musial

Scott Musial

Chief Commercial Officer

Annaleah Oxman headshot

Annaleah Oxman

Chief People Officer

Jason Quillin Headshot

Jason Quillin

Head of Sales

Headshot of Gabrielle

Gabrielle Rahn

Chief of Staff

Audrey Warren headshot

Audrey Warren

VP of Product

Our sales team.

Scott Dail headshot

Scott Dail

Regional Director of Sales

Greg Dahl Headshot

Greg Dahl

VP of Sales

chad frazier headshot

Chad Frazier

VP of Sales

Jordon Kosloski headshot

Jordon Kosloski

VP of Sales

Chris lambrix headshot

Chris Lambrix

VP of Sales

Headshot of Kelly Liebman

Kelly Liebman

VP of Sales

Jim Lowder Headshot

Jim Lowder

VP of Sales

Nathan Meadows headshot

Nathan Meadows

VP of Sales

Derron Morris image

Derron Morris

VP of Sales

shane stone headshot

Shane Stone

VP of Sales


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