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Why you can't afford to overlook high-value care this year.

Prioritizing high-value care for your employees is now more essential than ever. Explore how care navigation can guide your team to efficient, cost-effective care that drives healthcare value.

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In an era where healthcare spending has reached record highs, the need for your employees to access quality, cost-effective care is more important than ever. A staggering 25% of healthcare spending is deemed wasteful, driven by factors such as overtreatment and insufficient care coordination and delivery. This waste leaves employers feeling powerless, believing that healthcare spending is beyond their control and that they have little influence over their employees' healthcare utilization.

The solution? Increasing employee access to high-value care to reduce costs and improve patient outcomes. High-value care means minimizing unnecessary tests and treatments, like steering clear of imaging for minor lower back pain and not prescribing needless antibiotics for a common cold. Instead, it directs patients to optimal care through highly rated providers and centers of excellence to reduce waste. The shift from quantity to quality ensures patients receive the most effective care without overpaying for it.

The power of high-value care.

For employees, high-value care reduces their financial burden by minimizing unnecessary, costly procedures and reducing out-of-pocket expenses. By prioritizing cost-effective interventions like opting for generic drugs over brand names, high-value care ensures that patients get the best care at the right price. High-value care also results in better outcomes by focusing on evidence-based strategies and interventions grounded in industry best practices and the latest medical research. This includes emphasizing preventive care which plays a crucial role in reducing long-term health issues by detecting them early, contributing to the overall well-being of employees. 

By offering improved access to top-rated, in-network care, employers can lower spending as employees receive efficient and effective healthcare. Reducing costly treatments that don’t positively impact health outcomes is essential for overall cost containment. Prioritizing high-value care extends beyond immediate healthcare savings. Improved employee outcomes decrease the frequency of missed workdays and boost productivity, resulting in happier, healthier teams

So, how can you influence your team to use high-value care?

Care navigation steers your teams to high-value care.

Partners such as care navigation solutions have the potential to recover approximately one-fourth of wasteful spending by directing patients to the high-value care they need. The complexities of the healthcare landscape often leave employees overwhelmed with choices, misinformation, and confusing medical jargon. Clinical health guides act as essential guides, empowering employees to navigate this intricate system to reach high-value care. 

Care navigation helps employees make informed healthcare decisions that maximize value for your organization. For instance, they may guide employees towards virtual care for minor symptoms like earaches, preventing unnecessary trips to the ER. Recognizing that not all healthcare services are created equal, care navigation takes into account crucial metrics such as provider and facility ratings, provider experience, and consumer feedback. This ensures a strategic redirection to the highest-value care to get the best possible outcome. Care navigation cuts through healthcare complexities, providing employees with a clear path to high-value care.

High-value care presents cost-saving opportunities for both employees and employers. It prioritizes efficient, quality-driven care that not only improves patient well-being but also curtails unnecessary expenses. Care navigation emerges as the key to driving teams towards those high-value care options. It ensures they get the right care at the right time and at the right price, ultimately driving healthcare value for your organization. 

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Personalized support creates healthier members.

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