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Your guide to better health.

Rightway is the leader in driving healthcare value for everyone, everywhere. Its care navigation solution simplifies the complexity of today’s healthcare system.

Here at Rightway, we make it easy to get the highest quality of care with smart, clinical care navigation.

Rightway navigation.

Rightway’s clinician-driven navigation model maximizes healthcare outcomes while tailoring the member experience. Every member has a clinician-led care team with a dedicated health guide who acts as a single point of contact to the healthcare system.

Need care? Your guide will...

Find you the best doctor and make an appointment for you. They can also help you understand what a specific service will cost.

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Unexpected bill?

Send it our way and we’ll explain the charges. If something looks wrong, we’ll dispute it on your behalf.

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Not sure where to start?

Connect with your guide to do a health assessment or get an overview of your healthcare benefits.

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Frequently asked questions.

What is Rightway?

Rightway is a dedicated team of personal health guides who do the doctor-finding, appointment making, and price-comparing for you through a simple-to-use app.

What services does Rightway provide?

How can I contact Rightway?

Why did my company partner with Rightway?

Will Rightway be replacing my current health plan?

Will I be receiving a new prescription drug ID card?

Do I have to use Rightway to make a doctor’s appointment?

Who is eligible to use Rightway’s services?

All employees, their spouses, and dependents can use Rightway’s services free of charge.

When should I use Rightway’s services and how will they benefit me?

How does Rightway help me save money on healthcare?

Does Rightway help address my medical bills? What if those bills were prior to Rightway’s partnership?

What is a Rightway health guide? Will my family have an assigned health guide?

How do I contact my health guide? Are there instances when my health guide will contact me directly?

Is my private information protected?

Yes. Rightway takes Personal Health Information (PHI) very seriously and is fully Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) compliant.

Rightway is an independent company, separate from your health insurance and your employer.

To protect your privacy, Rightway uses modern data security infrastructure, tested security procedures, and specific HIPAA training to protect all personal information. This information is only shared in strict compliance with federal guidelines and only with your permission.

Why am I receiving emails from Rightway?

Navigation type: care coordination.

The problem. A member reached out to Rightway after switching medical carriers and was having difficulty finding an in-network colonoscopy facility in his area.

The approach. The member was immediately connected to a health guide who began searching for a list of highly qualified colonoscopy facilities within 10 miles of his area. After confirming with the member, the health guide also scheduled an appointment with the facility of his choosing and confirmed that the test would be 100% covered by his insurance.

The solution. After the appointment with the facility was confirmed, the health guide asked if the member would need a new PCP due to the change in medical coverage. The member was unsure, so the health guide connected with his current PCP to confirm that the member's appointments would still be 100% covered.

Navigation type: benefits question.

Navigation type: pharmacy question.

Navigation type: bill advocacy.

Navigation type: condition management.

Navigation type: medical navigation.

Woman playing with child holding them upside down
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"You have no idea how much better I feel right now. I was so scared I would have to find a new doctor. Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you!"

Cait L on scheduling a doctor's appointment.


"Thanks for the fast turnaround! This was my first time using Rightway, but our call was the most helpful, straightforward healthcare experienece I've had in a very long time."

Tim R on finding an orthopedist.


"My health guide did a fantastic job and made a confusing issue more simple. I needed to get a COVID-19 test in a state away from home and had no idea where to start."

Sally B on booking a COVID-19 test.


"The specialist that helped me was amazing and I'm so happy to have found this service. I get really overwhelmed by looking for doctors and this was just an amazing experience. I am so grateful!"

Jason F on finding a specialist.